Buddhist scholar, former monk and principal translator for His Holiness the Dalai Llama Thupten Jinpa PhD provided a moving keynote presentation at the 2016 A Mindful Society conference focused on the “Compassion & Mindfulness: The Contemplative Heart”. To view the video click ...
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Overview: This October a groundbreaking report was published by Mindful Nation UK, which gave recommendations for the incorporation of mindfulness into key sectors of society. This report specifically focused on Health, Education, Workplace and the Criminal Justice System. The report provides a ...
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In a recent article by TheGuardian it was announced that psychologists and neuroscientists from Oxford University and University College London plan to recruit children aged 11 to 16 from 76 secondary schools as part of a seven-year study. This study, that aims to include a sample size of 7,000 ...
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