Call For Presenters, Facilitators and Artists/Performers


Our call for presenters for the A Mindful Society Conference 2020 is open!
Conference dates are May 1st-4th, 2020. Application deadline is Friday October 25th, 2019


Every year, A Mindful Society releases an open call for conference presenters, inviting participation from practitioners, researchers, scholars, thinkers, teachers, coaches, musicians, artists, and anyone else contributing to bringing mindfulness and compassion to society. This is your opportunity to share your work, inspire others, lead practice sessions, host conversations, get feedback, and network with an international mindfulness community.

Whether you’re professionally or academically employed in the field of mindfulness or not, regardless of your sector or professional discipline, we want to hear from you. We especially encourage all people of colour and those people working within underserved communities to apply. We welcome submissions rooted in all cultural and spiritual traditions which emphasize mindfulness and compassion in any form, so don’t hesitate.

All presenters will have an opportunity to purchase a discounted conference registration ticket. Selected presenters are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation and other out of pocket expenses including the cost of a discounted conference registration ticket. Prior to submitting your application, please thoroughly review all of the application processing instructions.

For scheduling considerations, please see last year’s conference agenda by clicking here.

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If you’re considering submitting a proposal for this year’s conference, we’ve listed a few key points for you to think about prior to our call for presenters. These key points may help you to formulate ideas on how to best present your offering as is relevant to potential participants.

1) Type of Presentation

  • Workshop: 60-minute, guides participants through hands-on activities / practical application
  • Case Study: 60-minute, presentation or storytelling about a specific study / project / initiative
  • Panel with Q&A: 60-minute, 3 or more presenters, interactive discussion on a clear, vital, and current topic
  • Practice: 30-minute, guided contemplative/movement practice from academic or spiritual traditions.
  • Art / Performance: music, dance, installation, video, interactive, poetry, conceptual, paintings, photography, etc.


2) Key topics

Based on participant feedback from A Mindful Society 2019, we have identified the following list of key topics that our community wants to hear more about. Please consider these topics before submitting your application. In your application, there will be a section to share with us how your offering addresses any of these topics. If you wish to submit an offering that covers a topic other than these there is an option to do so as well. We are interested in knowing this information so we can understand how you plan to engage participants and where you might best fit within our program.

  • Diversity & Accessibility: advancing inclusion, accessing people of colour, integrating First Nations, and belonging
  • Engaged Practice: supporting underserved populations, addressing social, cultural and political change, contemplative practice in action
  • Mental Health: practical applications, therapies, and approaches to address well-being
  • Workplace Adoption: successes, challenges, and how to gain the support of key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Research: what connections to mindfulness (intrapersonal, interpersonal, group,
  • organizational, and/or societal) are emerging from scientific research?
  • Compassion: programs, integrations, and applications for self-regulation, self-exploration, and self-liberation.
  • Wisdom Tradition: sharing a conceptual and experiential understanding of a specific spiritual and/or secular tradition and its relation to mindfulness.
  • Practical Application: programs, protocols, and/or practices that have integrated mindfulness and that have been applied successfully in the field.
  • Other: contribute a topic that your presentation will speak to.


3) Motivational Factors

We have come to understand specific motivating factors that individuals in our community engage with along their path in mindfulness. In your application, you will have the opportunity to tag your presentation with any combination of the motivational factors below. This will help us match you up with like-minded presenters and gather an engaged audience, so it is worth taking the time to consider them carefully:

  • Conceptual Understanding: theory, frameworks, philosophies, science, contemplative practice
  • Inspiring the Next Generation: education, parenting, youth groups, teen camps
  • Serving the Vulnerable: health, wellness, inclusion/diversity, inequality, intervention
  • Personal Suffering: trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, grief, injury, pain, death
  • Personal/Professional Communities: org culture, local groups, friends, family
  • Committing to Practice: courses, solo practice, residential practice, technology/apps


Submit your application*

*To access the form log-in to a google email account or create one if you do not have one.

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