Andrea Poile
Regional Program Coordinator, Executive Function Coaching Program at Toronto's Red Oak Centre

Andrea first discovered the transformative power of mindfulness as a university student, struggling with anxiety and depression. After graduating from McGill, Andrea began working as an RA in Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl’s (UBC) lab, supporting her evaluative study of the MindUP curriculum. She interned with the Garrison Institute’s Education Initiative in 2012, and earned her certification to teach the .b curriculum in 2013. Her passion to help young people thrive both in and out of school inspired her to pursue her masters degree at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, where she specialized in adolescent development, the neuropsychology of resilience, and contemplative education.

While at Harvard, Andrea led a school-based study on the relationship between mindfulness interventions and growth mindset development. She has also held research positions at the Research Schools International Network, the Functional Neuroimaging Lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (PI: David Vago), and was a Mind & Life Institute Visiting Scholar in 2014.

While Andrea loves research, she finds working directly with young people most fulfilling. She currently directs the Executive Function Coaching Program at Toronto’s Red Oak Centre. Her coaching combines neuroscience-based learning strategies and mindfulness techniques to help young people engage with their thoughts and emotions in healthier, more compassionate ways.

When Andrea is not with clients, she teaches mindfulness in high schools across the GTA, leads professional development sessions, parent workshops, and designs curriculum on topics like resilience and contemplative education. She is a lead coordinator for Inward Bound Mindfulness Education’s (iBme) Toronto retreats, and she is a frequent staffer on teen retreats across the US and Canada.

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