Charles Hargobind
Certified Facilitator

Charles Hargobind, Strategic Initiatives Lead, Mindfulness Without Borders, (MWB). Charles is the driving force behind MWB’s’s new projects emphasizing mindfulness in underserved communities. Charles facilitates The Mindfulness Ambassador Program for youth throughout the greater Toronto area and serves as the outreach coordinator for the RETHiNK Digital Kit. His dedication to bringing mindfulness to LGBTQ youth is evident in his work at Toronto’s Covenant House, which focuses on helping youth re-integrate into society. Charles is a Graduate of the Paralegal Program at Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced learning, and is currently enrolled in the Humanities program at York University. Charles’ ultimate goal is to open shelters across the globe to provide relief to LGBTQ youth.

Presenting Breakout Session: RETHiNK Compassion

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