David Viafora


David Viafora, MSW, has been practicing mindfulness in the Plum Village tradition for 15 years, and has a deep love for sharing the practice especially with children, teens, and young adults. He ordained as a monk in 2005, and spent several years practicing both in Plum Village and Deer Park Monastery before transitioning back to lay life. Since then, he has integrated mindfulness practice with social work, research, and mindfulness community building. This year, David is traveling around the world with his partner Vanessa to research and share about the creation and growth of intentional lay mindfulness communities. Currently, he and Vanessa initiated a mindfulness community of volunteers in Athens to compassionately respond to the ongoing refugee crisis in Greece. To read about their tour, please visit their blog website, Sanghabuild.org

Presenting Breakout Session: Touring and Building Mindfulness Intentional Communities Around the World

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