Elaine Principi
Elaine Principi BHScPT, MEd Elaine is a Chief of Interprofessional Practice at Hamilton Health Sciences

Elaine Principi is a Chief of Interprofessional Practice at Hamilton Health Sciences. With a background in physiotherapy and graduate work in education she has a wide range of both clinical and leadership experience including training as an ethics consultant. Her journey with mindfulness began many years ago with an interest in neuroscience, neuroplasticity and meditation. More recently Elaine has been trained as a facilitator to teach Crucial Conversations. Over the past 5 years Elaine has worked with the Program for Faculty Development, HHS, St Joseph’s Hospital and local Family Health Teams developing curriculum to support staff and faculty develop resilience, connect to their compassionate selves and understand the nature of suffering. Elaine is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the School of Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University where she teaches mindfulness, professionalism and communication skills to physiotherapy students.

Mindfulness and communication teachings and techniques have become an integral part of Elaine’s leadership style – her motto “one breath at a time”.

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