Emma Ates
DTATI, RP (Qualifying) mental health therapist & art psychotherapist


Emma JM. Ates, DTATI, RP (Qualifying), is an art psychotherapist and mental health therapist; AMM (Applied Mindfulness Meditation) instructor specialized in contemplative arts & meditation of School of Continuing Studies of the University of Toronto; Nalanda Miksang contemplative photography instructor for Shambhala Meditation Center in Toronto. Emma JM. Ates is also the founder and education director of Mindful Rupa Arts, program developer of the Contemplative Arts Psychotherapy (CAPT) framework composed of the Contemplative Photo Therapy (CPT) model of intervention that integrates contemplative photography, mindfulness and phototherapy; and Contemplative Creative Therapy (CCT) model that integrates contemplative arts, meditation techniques and art psychotherapy. Emma works as a mental health therapist and art-therapist on a full-time basis for the Centre Francophone de Toronto a community agency individual short-term therapy for adults. She offers tailored individual and group-based interventions with a creative and compassionate approach adapting the methods of art psychotherapy and phototherapy with contemplative arts, meditations and contemplative practices of Eastern traditions. She is the author of the book “Contemplative Photo Therapy: Group Intervention for Youth with Anxiety Disorders” available at Amazon.com.

Presenting Breakout Session: From Mindfulness to Contemplative Arts Psychotherapy: The Mandala Method

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