Gary Meltzer
Meditation instructor, prison volunteer

My introduction to formal mindfulness practice began in 2004 with my participation in a 12 week MBSR program. It initiated a paradigm shift in my life and as a result I dedicated my life to practice and working with mindfulness in whatever way I could. This led me on a journey of retreats, workshops, countless on-line programs in an effort to deepen my practice and understanding. From there I participated in and hosted groups in different capacities with my primary involvement as a volunteer in the criminal justice system.

10 years ago I started by volunteering for an organization founded by Order of Canada recipient, Sister Elaine McInnes, called Freeing the Human Spirit, which brings a program of Yoga and Meditation into prisons. I currently am still active with that program and also in the 1-on-1 program where I meet with prisoners weekly for one hour.

Presenting a workshop entitled: The Transformative Power of Silence – Mindfulness Without Words

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