Yoga has been a part of Harold’s life from his first day in this wonderful world. Harold was raised in a culture that embraced the sun, sand, and surf. Life was filled with happiness and an appreciation for inner peace. Harold has early memories of childhood in Goa, India: he was Mowgli, and Goa was his Jungle Book!

Harold immigrated to Canada not long after that, where he made lasting friends, and enjoyed strengthening family relationships. He always knew something was missing, however: he had not found his vocation, something that he was truly passionate about. In 2008, Harold went back to one of the most wonderful places he remembered: the shores of Anjuna in Goa. Through yoga, he rediscovered who he was, and found his calling in teaching.

In India, Harold attained his certification as a yoga instructor through the Yogalife Foundation. In addition, at the Ajna Centre for Learning, he trained in Life Coaching and Counseling. After returning to Toronto, Harold started to share his practice with the Humber Arboretum summer Camp, and now after 4 years have developed a “Nature Mindfulness”program into the summer programs. In 2015, he embraced the practice of Vipassana, at the Ontario Vipassana centre in Egbert, Ontario; where he participated in a long sit and serving program that enabled him to complete an additional 2/ 10-day sittings and serve 5/ 10-day courses. Harold has experienced both sides of the world and is full of gratitude for the path he has chosen. With his skills and qualifications in yoga and meditation, he hopes to help others observe, discover and explore their inner potential. The path to inner peace is one of love and radiance.

Practice Session: Nature Mindfulness

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