Julie Jarvis
Founder & Creator at REALthings


As the founder and creator at REALthings, Julie works with individuals and groups to explore what it means to slow down and live mindfully in our age of technology, helping thousands of people sit comfortably and meditate deeply. Originally trained as an educator at the Esalen Institute in California, the leading institute in North America for human potential and development, she has been meditating with communities for more than 20 years and has extensive experience leading group process and exchange. She has engaged groups in the arts, and facilitated mindfulness and self-awareness practices around the world — from ghettos in Bogota, to youth living on the streets in Toronto, to start-ups like Shopify and Interaxon. Julie’s natural ability to hold and inspire a group allows people to relax, feel safe to explore, and engage meaningfully with each other. Her intention with her work is to help people begin to listen, trust, create, and live with real purpose.

Presenting Breakout Session: Posture Lab Presentation

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