Julie Jarvis
Founder & Creator at REALthings


One day Julie walked into her Ottawa office and realized she was done. So she packed up her things and moved to the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur, California. For five years, she lived and worked at the Esalen Institute for human potential and learned about sustainable living, art, beauty, and how to be a mindful educator. When she came back to Canada, she joined a visionary team of art educators who were connecting kids to art, nature and play, and sharing that knowledge with artists and health professionals in war zones and ghettos around the globe.  At the same time, she found a spiritual community and started meditating and searching.

When Julie founded REALthings, she had a vision to create a company to help people of all ages find their way to meditation and mindfulness. The first thing she did was start a cushion company that makes bigger, better, beautiful meditation cushions, so people in North America could sit on the floor comfortably.  She also created cushions for chairs so people could choose their way to meditate. Julie has helped thousands of people find the right cushion and posture to sit quietly and meditate deeply. She also works with companies, retreat centres and individuals to create calm inspiring spaces to breathe and be still.  Most recently, REALthings created a colouring book,  Goldisocks and the Three Cushions, as a fun way to help kids and adults find their own path to mindfulness (available April 15, 2018).

Presenting Breakout Session: Posture Lab Presentation

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