Laurie Wells
Physician, London - ON

Laurie Wells is from London Ontario and has ties to Medicine Hat and Nokomis SK. As a physician, interested in mind and body wellness, she has been providing individual patient-centred consultation and psychotherapy focused on evidence-based, mindful life changes for 28 yrs. Following further training with Michael Stone and Ron Siegel, she is incorporating mindfulness meditation and using tools such as MUSE and HeartMath, whole diet, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction etc. with individuals or in groups. Most recently this has included developing a model for Grade 11 -12 High school wellness class and starting Innovative First Nations program exploring traditional birch bark canoe, and teachings as an integrative way of learning about wellness and health from mind, body, emotional, and spiritual perspectives. She assisted in the development of the Moose Deer Point FN Nurse Practitioner-led Health Centre. She has been working at Waypoint Centre for MHC (MHCP) since 2001 and presently is the physician lead for the wellness-focused Metabolic Program.

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