Lillian Sawtschuk
Principal, TEAM School, Mississauga


I have worked at TEAM School in Mississauga for 28 years. TEAM School provides a supportive, individualized learning environment for students ranging from grades one to twelve. I have held various roles at the school. I began my career there as a classroom teacher and now I hold the position of principal. My passion is working with and supporting students that may have learning challenges. Over the past number of years it has become clear to me that students that struggle academically can also struggle with anxiety and impulse control. When my vice principal and I discovered Mindfulness, we started to entertain the idea of implementing this practice with our students. Last year, we implemented the MindUp program and we began to see some dramatic changes within our school community. I also committed to learning as much about Mindfulness as I could, so I enrolled in the Mindfulness Certificate program at the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies. It was in these courses that I met some incredible instructors and felt as thought I was part of a growing community. It was there that I had the opportunity to meet and share with like minded individuals. The work that is being done through Mindfulness practices is becoming some of the most important work in recent history. I attended the Mindful Society conference last year. It was an awe inspiring event. I would love to have the opportunity to share my experience at my school with others. I am hoping to continue to network and collaborate with other people that are as passionate about Mindfulness as I am.

Presenting Breakout Session: Mindfulness Program Implementation at Elementary School Setting

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