Lindsay McDonald
Co-Founder, StreetWindows


Lindsay has been working in the creativity field for over 30 years. As a composer, she has worked with dancers and actors co-sensing and co-creating productions using movement, music and text. Lindsay carries this practice – of bringing all of the senses to inform ’the moment’ – into her work as a consultant in social change and innovation and co-founder of a not-for-profit organization, StreetWindows. Lindsay believes that awareness of self – through creativity and mindfulness – might just pave the way to the most transformative change in the world today.

With a focus on wellness and transformative leadership, Lindsay uses guided meditation and journaling, action-learning and reflection, social presencing theatre in her work and is thrilled to bring some of this practice to A Mindful Society. Lindsay’s favourite mindfulness practice is silent nature retreats, and she goes on 4 of these per year – one for every season.

Presenting Breakout Session: The Mindfulness of the Body

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