Mabinti Dennis
Meditation Instructor and Wellness Coach

Mabinti Dennis has been studying and practicing mindfulness meditation through the Shambhala Meditation tradition for over 20 years. Her teacher is Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the spiritual leader of the Shambhala Community. After many years of practicing meditation, Mabinti decided to be trained as a Meditation Instructor. This gave her an opportunity to teach meditation and support others on their meditation path. Over the years she has co-facilitated meditation workshops and weekend retreats at the Juniper Hill Retreat Centre, the Shambhala Meditation Centre Toronto as well as at community organizations.

Mindfulness meditation is an ancient practice that has been introduced to western culture by people from diverse cultural traditions. In our hurried world where we seem to be consumed with multi-tasking, and are overwhelmed with daily stress, Mabinti has come to recognize the value and benefits of meditation and personal wellness in her life. Mindfulness is a non-sectarian practice that helps Mabinti to focus her scattered mind and create balance in her personal life. Mabinti weaves mindfulness meditation into her daily life as well as share this ancient practice with others through training and facilitating workshops. Mabinti’s work involves mindfulness practice through the use of meditation, deep breathing and relaxation techniques. These techniques have helped her to fine-tune her awareness, reduce stress and develop a healthy lifestyle. Mabinti incorporates mindfulness practice into her professional work with individuals, children, and adults as well as in her work with families to create a mindfulness space in their homes.

Presenting Breakout Session: How POC scholarship inspire POC to become leaders in Shambhala

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