Paul Kelly
Clinical Director, The Mindfulness Clinic


Dr. Paul Kelly is a Psychologist and the Founder and Clinical Director of The Mindfulness Clinic in Toronto. He is a Canadian pioneer in the adaptation of Mindfulness Meditation to Psychotherapy and Mental Health. In 1988 he started the first hospital-based Mindfulness Stress Management program in Canada at Toronto General Hospital. In 2009, he founded The Mindfulness Clinic where he and his staff of over 30 therapists have offered mindfulness-based individual therapy and groups to over 6,000 patients. Dr. Kelly has been practicing mindfulness meditation for 47 years and he has taught thousands of patients about mindfulness. He provides training and supervision in mindfulness therapies for the therapists on his team and he has also run mindfulness training courses for health professionals.

Presenting Breakout Session: Use Routine Feedback to Become a More Effective Mindful Therapist

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