Shari Geller
Creator of the Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness Program (TRM™)

Dr. Shari Geller is an author, clinical psychologist, and creator of the Therapeutic Rhythm and Mindfulness Program (TRM™). With over twenty years experience weaving psychology and mindfulness, Shari co-authored (with Dr. Leslie Greenberg) the book Therapeutic Presence: A Mindful Approach for Effective Therapy. She has released a companion CD on cultivating presence, with guided practices using the healing power of music and the health benefits of mindfulness; as well as a training video for Therapeutic Presence. Shari’s newly released book:
A Practical Guide For Cultivating Therapeutic Presence offers practical guidance for cultivating and strengthening Therapeutic Presence as a foundational approach.

Shari has a long-term personal mindfulness meditation and drumming practice. Her training with teachers and neuroscientists, along with her personal practice, inspired her to integrate the benefits of mindfulness, group drumming and emotion focused awareness into one comprehensive program (TRM™). Shari serves on the teaching faculty in Health Psychology at York University and for the Applied Mindfulness Meditation (AMM) program at University of Toronto; and is Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto, in association with Music and Health Research Collaboratory (MaHRC). Shari is the co-director of the Centre for MindBody Health.


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