Steven Dee
Monastic, Mindful Learning's Monastic Academy

Steven found his way to daily meditation practice via Chade-Meng Tan’s Search Inside Yourself program at Google, and then deepened his practice with an extended retreat at Center for Mindful Learning in 2013. He’s been programming professionally for over a decade. Most recently he worked on Muse, a meditation trainer and EEG headband developed in Toronto.

He’s been involved with various hackerspaces, including San Francisco’s Noisebridge and Toronto’s Site 3 CoLaboratory. He cares a lot about finding and creating spaces for nerds, artists, makers, and other weirdos to connect, practice mindfulness, and change the world.

He joined the Center for Mindful Learning’s Monastic Academy full-time in 2016 after seeing clearly what a difference this practice makes in his own life. His current goal is to awaken completely for the benefit of all beings.

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