Sucheta Heble
Speech-Language Pathologist, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network (UHN)


As a speech-language pathologist with the Acquired Brain Injury outpatient service at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – University Health Network (UHN), Sucheta Heble works with a dynamic, interprofessional team and values the work she does every day with clients, families, students and her colleagues. With her extensive group facilitation experience with clients with neurogenic conditions, she was excited to have the opportunity to facilitate groups in mindfulness for clients with traumatic brain injury and depression, as part of a large, multi-site randomized control trial study. She continues to be interested in the field of mindfulness, particularly how it applies to counselling and acquired brain injury therapy. A long-time student of Kathak dance, Sucheta enjoys studying and performing with her Kathak community.

Presenting Breakout Session: Mind, Breath and Heart: The Application of Mindfulness in Kathak (North Indian Classical) Dance

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