Theo Koffler
Founder, Mindfulness Without Borders

Theo Koffler, BA, is founder of Mindfulness Without Borders (MWB), a registered charitable organization that focuses on advancing mindfulness-based social and emotional learning in educational, healthcare and corporate settings. Formerly, she was co-founder and VP of Super-Pharm Israel Ltd., Israel’s largest pharmacy chain from 1979-’93. A health crisis prompted her transformation from corporate leader to dedicated social entrepreneur. At MWB, she is responsible for the creation and oversight of its vision, strategy, and program development and chairs its Board of Directors. MWB’s approach is to invest in long-term, strategic initiatives that lead to systemic change.

Since 2007, MWB programs have crossed over eight international borders, including Canada, United States, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, Israel, Jamaica, and Botswana and served more than 4,000 youth in
60+ high schools, 1,500 educators and 600 health professionals. Through its online certification program, MWB enables people across the globe to receive the training needed to bring its evidence-based programs to their respective community, expanding its reach to another 20+ new cities around the world.
Theo works passionately advocating for whole-student” education practices, with a special focus in conflict and post-conflict countries. In November 2011, Theo received the Millennium Development Award from Teachers Without Borders (Nigeria) for her leadership in improving a new standard of excellence in education.

Philanthropist, author, public speaker and business woman, Theo is Senior Faculty in University of Toronto’s Applied Meditation Program. She has served on several boards and advisory committees including the Students For Canada’s North, Hawn Foundation, Inner Kids, and the Garrison Institute – where she co-authored the first-ever mapping report on Contemplation and Education in K-12 Educational Settings in the United States. In her free time Theo seeks balance in the natural world, in creating delicious meals with friends and family, and by appreciating the many textures, colors, and sounds of her garden.

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