Thomas Anderson
PhD student at the University of Toronto

Thomas completed his BA (Hons) Psychology with computer science minor at the University of Waterloo performing EEG/ERP research and his MA Psychology at the University of Toronto under Norman Farb, where he is currently pursuing his PhD. His research interests involve the cognitive neuroscience of meta-awareness – the moment we first realize we are not paying attention – and in personalizing meditation training to the individual. He has presented work on determining what type of meditation best suits individuals, and in the future he hopes to focus on how meta-awareness can be manipulated and enhanced by meditation. He also has interests in technological feedback systems and neural stimulation, as well as the domains of intelligence and creativity.
You can find more details about Thomas on LinkedIn or ResearchGate.

Thomas is currently running a study on the goals people have for practising meditation and anyone with meditation experience – whether they still practice or not – can participate here.

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