Wayne Serebin
A Professor in Teacher Education

Wayne has been a professor in teacher education for 26 years. His research and teaching primarily focus on practitioner inquiry that seeks to connect philosophy, theory/research and pedagogical practice in elementary school classrooms. He is also co-director of the Manitoba Writing Project—a collective that supports teachers in exploring authorship as and for social and eco-justice and human rights.

In addition to his longtime personal practice, over the past number of years Wayne has been involved in formal study of mindfulness, self-compassion, and compassion. He leads mindfulness and self-/compassion workshops and conference sessions for early childhood educators (and the young children for whom they care), as well as for K-12 public school teachers (and their students). Last fall, he co-taught a course in mindful self-compassion for teachers in a Winnipeg school division, and this winter/spring he is teaching a course titled “Educating for Mindfulness and Compassion, K-12” for preservice and practising teachers (undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students) at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Education.

Wayne is particularly interested in supporting educators in their efforts to ethically integrate contemplative, anti-oppressive and justice-oriented practices and pedagogies into their own and the children’s everyday school lives. He is planning to write a book that focuses on mindfulness and compassion as a stance in holistic, transformative, and trans-disciplinary pedagogy for the elementary classroom.

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