A Mindful Society

In line with the guiding mandate of A Mindful Society, select videos of lectures from past conferences are available here and accessible free of charge.

Community & Patrick Parson
Closing Ceremony A Mindful Society 2016
Thupten Jinpa, PhD
Understanding Meditation-Based Compassion Cultivation Practice
Zindel Segal, PhD
Mindfulness and Compassion: An Empirical Perspective on Foundational Practices
Panel Discussion
Change From Within: The How of Integrating Mindfulness into Society
Michael Apollo, RP
Mindful Living Now - Opening Remarks A Mindful Society 2016
Debbie Danbrook
Shakuhachi Zen Flute Master - Mindful Listening
Theo Koffler
The Power of Mindfulness and Citizenship
Adele Diamond, PhD, FRSC
RELAX - Embrace Yourself and Life, and Be There for Others
Marc Lesser
Search Inside Yourself
Thupten Jinpa, PhD
Compassion: The Best Kept Secret of Happiness
Barry Boyce
Spreading the Word: Bringing Mindfulness to New Audiences
Geoffrey Soloway (Mindwell U) & Pam August (Westjet)
Practical Application of Mindfulness at WestJet with MindwellU
Filomena Tassi, Member of Parliament, Canada
Inspiring Mindful Leaders - Closing remarks
Christina Tector, Canada School of Public Service
Practical Applications of Mindfulness at the Canada School of Public Service
Lightening Round Presentations
Challenges & Opportunities of Bringing Mindfulness to Leadership
Frank Musten, Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic
Researching & Applying Mindfulness into Organizations
Chris Ruane, Jamie Bristow, Mindful Nation UK
Overview of Global Mindfulness Initiatives
Michele Milan, MA, Maria Gonzalez, Peter Weng, CBO, Barry Boyce
The Case & Considerations for Mindful Leadership
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