A Mindful Society

In line with the guiding mandate of A Mindful Society, select videos of lectures from past conferences are available here and accessible free of charge.

Scheherzade Van Aarle
Envisioning Mindfulness in Government
Elli Weisbaum, BFA, MES
Setting Your Leadership Intention Practice
Michael Apollo, RP
Importance of Mindful Leadership - Forum Opening Remarks
A Mindful Leader Trailer
Zindel Segal, PhD
Inner Resources for Mindful Living
Norman Farb, PhD
How does turning in turn out? A Practical Neuroscience of Mindful Transformation
Design Thinking for a Mindful Society
Conference Outcomes Shared
Community Meditation
A Mindful Society Conference
Panel Discussion
“How Would You Know You Were In A Mindful Society?”
Dr. Dan Siegel
Mindfulness in the Modern World: Cultivating the Mind to Benefit Humankind
Thupten Jinpa, PhD
Compassion & Mindfulness: The Contemplative Heart
A Mini-Documentary on the 2015 Conference
Don Morrison, COO
Wholeness: A Vision for a Mindful Society
Theo Koffler
Conversations That Matter
Zindel Segal, PhD
Evolution, Challenges and Opportunities for Mindfulness in the Coming Decade
Michele Chaban, MSW, RSW
Community Welcome & Vision

John Rice | First Nations “Sweet Water” Ceremony (Opening Conference 2017)

“Coming to Our Senses” Mindful Movement | The Ballet Creole Dance Troupe
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